Swiss Made TM40 Pressure Calibrator

The new TM40 from Huber Instrumente is a Swiss built pressure calibrator.  The unit is built completely modular.  Four slide-in slots are available, to be equipped with different types of modules.  Thus allowing the TM40 to be completely custimizable, suiting even the most specific needs. Three different types of modules are available: Measuring Module (MM40) Generator module (GM40) Voltage/Current module (VM40) - Coming soon! The measuring module MM40 covers a freely definable range for measuring pressure (up to 250 bar, equivalent to 3625 PSI) and uses one slot in the TM40.  Accuracy classes…Read more

New Data Logger Series EBI 12

Ebro is excited to announce they have released a new EBI 12 Data Logger.  The new EBI 12 has upgraded electronics and will replace the popular EBI 10, 16 and EBI 100 family series.  The EBI 12 will retain all the functionality of it's predecessors and it will use colours (Red & Blue) to differentiate one model from the next. EBI 12, Blue Line Includes all loggers with 3mm and 6mm probes along with being cryogenic. EBI 12, Red Line Includes all loggers independent of the temperature sensor Temperature logger with sensors <2mm…Read more

Go Remote with Jofra Cloud!

Ametek has developed a new way to perform remote readings and setting of their temperature calibrators over an unlimited distance.  JofraCloud is a gateway that has transmission coverage equal to a smartphone. he data is presented as a copy of the calibrators display, and can be viewed at  The website is accessible via a browser on any device - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The gateway can be attached to any RTC or PTC calibrator and reads data from the calibrator every 2 seconds. JofraCloud Features: Define set points, and start/stop the…Read more

Case Study – Accurate Verification of Short Temperature Sensors

A manufacturer of animal health products, needed to verify their sensors in ultra-low temperature freezers.  The customer had problems verifying short sensors from 6 to 8 cm in length, in the 0°C to 90°C range.  They could not get the sensors to match the temperature that was indicated on the temperature calibrator they were using.  This was because the short length of the sensors did not allow it to be placed in the ideal location of the temperature calibrator. The RTC156 from Jofra was demonstrated and the function of the unique dual-zone heating…Read more

New XP2i Absolute Ranges

Gas Distribution testing is one of the most common uses in North America of the popular XP2i digital test gauge from Ametek-Crystal Engineering.  Ametek-Crystal worked closely with numerous gas companies that have standardized on their equipment for low pressure measurement, and were instrumental in helping define the new calibration due alerts announced earlier this summer.  While gas distribution takes place all over the world, some areas use absolute pressure rather than gauge pressure, ruling out the Ametek-Crystal equipment...until now. We are pleased to announce that Ametek-Crystal is expanding their offering for absolute pressure…Read more

Portable Particulate Sensor (PM2.5/PM10) From Aeroqual

We are excited to announce the release of a portable particulate monitor.  For more than a decade the Aeroqual portable monitor range has been trusted for accurate and affordable measurement of gaseous pollutants.  Now you can use the very same Series 200/300/500 monitors to measure particulate matter (PM) too, thanks to the introduction of the PM2.5 & PM10 sensor head. What do they measure? The portable particulate sensor measures: Particles 2.5 microns and less (PM2.5) Particles 10 microns and less (PM10) The PM sensor head plugs into Aeroqual's existing range of Series 200/300/500…Read more

What’s Best for Measuring Ozone, Electrochemical Sensors or HMOS?

Electrochemical sensors and heated metal oxide sensors (HMOS) are the two leading technologies for low cost measurement of ozone.  Both sensor types have strengths and weaknesses which we will outline here.  Then we will discuss which sensor type is suited to some common applications. Ozone (O3) is an important gas in industrial applications, ground-level pollution monitoring, and atmospheric studies.  The best known method for ozone measurement has been to use an analyzer based on the ultra violet absorption principle.  Despite significant cost reductions in recent years an ozone analyzer remains an expensive piece…Read more

Pressure Systems Simplified

The Ametek line of pumps, comparators and fittings & hoses are the perfect complement to their popular pressure gauges and calibrators.  Each is available as a stand-alone pump or part of a complete system with the indicator included.  From pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps, to pressure comparators capable of controlling pressure up to 15,000psi, to the safest, most reliable pressure fitting and hose system available, they have the pressure generation equipment to make your job easier. They have recently made modifications and updates to their pump system documentation.  The new brochure is the…Read more

Spend More Time Calibrating and Less Time Looking for Leaks

Ralston Quick-connect Adapters Do you find that when testing pressure instruments, connecting everything actually takes the longest time? Do you find that looking for leaks takes longer than doing the actual test!? Will not anymore! If you are connecting to pressure gauges using NPT or BSPP adapter then Ralston Quick-connect Adapters will make your job much easier.  If you are connecting to JIC/AN 37-degree flare connections in aerospace, marine or military applications then these adapters will allow you to spend more time calibrating and less time looking for leaks (saving you time and…Read more

New Report Identifies Aeroqual as a Leader in Environmental Sensors for Air Quality

A new report into the market for environmental sensors and monitoring has highlighted Aeroqual as a leader in the field.  According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global environmental monitoring and sensing market is projected to grow to USD 20.37 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of more than 5% over the forecast period.  Titled "Global Environmental Monitoring and Sensing Market 2017-2021" the report was released in April 2017. Based on the applications, the report categorizes the global environment monitoring and sensing market into the following segments: Air segment Water…Read more