A Discussion on Single-Function Calibrators

There has always been a dilemma amongst Instrumentation Tech's who are starting out on their own as contractors:  what calibration equipment can I buy on a limited budget?  The decision ultimately comes down to a choice of a multifunction calibrator, or a couple of single-function models that will replicate the parameters of a multifunction calibrator.  Let's spend some time to investigate the features and benefits of using single-function calibrators.  What is the best tool for the job? A single-function calibrator is most often used when the workload of the technician is predictable -…Read more

Pressure Gauge Buyer’s Guide

With new technology always under development, shopping for the right pressure gauge grows more confusing by the month.  It's easy to get lost in the details and end up with a gauge that doesn't meet the requirements.  This buyer's guide explains the important features and specifications to look for and understand when purchasing pressure measurement devices. Performance Error Prevention:  When working with high pressure or flammable materials, it is important to select a gauge that helps avoid the occasional human error.  Some errors threaten safety, while others threaten the quality of results.  To…Read more

Wind Turbine Testing with the HPC40

One of the fastest growing worldwide energy industries is wind power.  In the United States alone, the wind industry has an average annual growth over 25% over the last 10 years.  Wind farms consisting of multiple wind turbines, are becoming an important source of renewable energy, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Wind turbines take kinetic energy created from rotating blades, and converts the energy to electrical power.  They are built in areas of steady winds, and many times are monitored and controlled by hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems play a crucial role in…Read more

Ralston Instruments Gas Sampling Pump for Low Pressure Applications

The composition of natural gas changes over time due to changes in the natural gas reservoir, because of this there is a need to sample the gas to determine its composition.  Sampling of natural gas to determine the composition is important for custody transfer and fiscal metering so that both buyers and sellers are confident of a fair transaction.  Contracts are typically concerned with the BTU or energy content of the gas and the hydrocarbon dew point of the gas.  There are many robust automatic gas sampling systems such as on-line GCs (Gas…Read more

Optimizing your Biogas Plant

Operating a biogas plant is a big commitment, but the work comes with a sizable reward.  Unlike other renewable energy sources, biogas is largely independent of external influences such as wind or sunlight.  As a stable form of renewable energy, the demand for biogas is continually on the rise.  Canadian programs like Ontario's Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) are continually developed to encourage the use and production of renewable energy sources in each province.  The use of renewable raw materials to produce energy sources provides a unique opportunity for farms across Canada; however, can you tell…Read more

Replacing a Chart Recorder

A chart recorder is an instrument that creates a paper chart record of the pressure in a system.  It relies on ink pens mounted on mechanical arms, which pivot in response to pressure.  Its primary advantage is an ability to record for extended periods in remote locations. An experienced user may provide preliminary analysis on the chart output in the field, but communicating or storing the data electronically becomes possible only after a technician enters or scans the chart into a computer.  This process can take days before results become available. Chart recorders…Read more

Application Stories!

Much of what we do here at Cameron Instruments is linked to our customer's success with our products.  For this reason we decided to run an "Application Stories" promotion, to hear from our customers how the products are working for them and where they are being used.  We heard from many people, and below are a couple selections from those submissions. The first story comes from Swagelok Central Canada, which is owned and operated by Winnipeg Fluid System Technologies Ltd.  Since 1970 they have been providing the Canadian Prairies and NW Ontario with…Read more

Pressure Safety Valve Testing with the XP2i

A pressure safety valve (PSV) protects vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure.  When a system reaches a predetermined pressure the PSV opens, a portion of the media discharges, and the pressure inside drops to a safe limit.  Once the pressure reaches the valve's reseating set point, the valve closes.  Periodic testing and adjustment of pressure safety valves is essential to maintain overall safety in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water/Wastewater, Aerospace/Aviation, Chemical/Plastics, Steel Manufacturing, and may other industries.  The most common test method for safety valves and relief valves is a…Read more

Is Your Pressure Pump Really Leaking?

Archimedes-born in 287 BC - was a practical man and took full advantage of Laws and the repeatable behavior of Physics.  He invented a variety of machinery including a screw pumping device that lifted water from a river to irrigate field crops.  Today we employ the same laws and engineering to manufacture a variety of pumps for many different applications.  All of these pumps make life easier and surely Archimedes would approve.  Regardless of the type, under some circumstances they still leak or appear to leak, what can we do about it? The…Read more
Reference Recorders:  The Future of Pressure Measurement

Reference Recorders: The Future of Pressure Measurement

Within the pressure measurement industry, relentless innovation has become the norm.  New technology continually supplants the old.  In other technology spheres, PCs pushed aside typewriters.  Cell phones drove out telephones.  And today, reference recorders are shaking up old standards in the oil & gas industry. A reference recorder is a new class of instrument that is gaining ground over other common pressure instruments.  Chart recorders, deadweight testers, and analog pressure gauges all brought several advantages in their time.  Increasingly, reference recorders replace all three with a single instrument. What is a Reference Recorder?                                                                                                               …Read more