Differential Pressure Measurements with the nVision Reference Recorder

A faster, easier method for intrinsically safe, differential measurements at high static pressure Imagine this common scenario:  a pressure transmitter is mounted to a pipe in a hard-to-reach location.  On the previous night, a technician noticed its readings were suspect.  The transmitter monitors the differential pressure across an orifice plate and its operation is critical.  This pipe transports a flammable gas at 1,400 psi.  If this technician were looking for a way to verify the transmitter's reading on site, their selection of instruments for an accurate measurement would be inconvenient, heavy or fragile.…Read more

Replacing a Chart Recorder

A chart recorder is an instrument that creates a paper chart record of the pressure in a system.  It relies on ink pens mounted on mechanical arms, which pivot in response to pressure.  Its primary advantage is an ability to record for extended periods in remote locations. An experienced user may provide preliminary analysis on the chart output in the field, but communicating or storing the data electronically becomes possible only after a technician enters or scans the chart into a computer.  This process can take days before results become available. Chart recorders…Read more

Application Stories!

Much of what we do here at Cameron Instruments is linked to our customer's success with our products.  For this reason we decided to run an "Application Stories" promotion, to hear from our customers how the products are working for them and where they are being used.  We heard from many people, and below are a couple selections from those submissions. The first story comes from Swagelok Central Canada, which is owned and operated by Winnipeg Fluid System Technologies Ltd.  Since 1970 they have been providing the Canadian Prairies and NW Ontario with…Read more
Reference Recorders:  The Future of Pressure Measurement

Reference Recorders: The Future of Pressure Measurement

Within the pressure measurement industry, relentless innovation has become the norm.  New technology continually supplants the old.  In other technology spheres, PCs pushed aside typewriters.  Cell phones drove out telephones.  And today, reference recorders are shaking up old standards in the oil & gas industry. A reference recorder is a new class of instrument that is gaining ground over other common pressure instruments.  Chart recorders, deadweight testers, and analog pressure gauges all brought several advantages in their time.  Increasingly, reference recorders replace all three with a single instrument. What is a Reference Recorder?                                                                                                               …Read more