Pressure Safety Valve Testing with the XP2i

A pressure safety valve (PSV) protects vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure.  When a system reaches a predetermined pressure the PSV opens, a portion of the media discharges, and the pressure inside drops to a safe limit.  Once the pressure reaches the valve's reseating set point, the valve closes.  Periodic testing and adjustment of pressure safety valves is essential to maintain overall safety in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water/Wastewater, Aerospace/Aviation, Chemical/Plastics, Steel Manufacturing, and may other industries.  The most common test method for safety valves and relief valves is a…Read more

Is Your Pressure Pump Really Leaking?

Archimedes-born in 287 BC - was a practical man and took full advantage of Laws and the repeatable behavior of Physics.  He invented a variety of machinery including a screw pumping device that lifted water from a river to irrigate field crops.  Today we employ the same laws and engineering to manufacture a variety of pumps for many different applications.  All of these pumps make life easier and surely Archimedes would approve.  Regardless of the type, under some circumstances they still leak or appear to leak, what can we do about it? The…Read more