Optimizing your Biogas Plant

Operating a biogas plant is a big commitment, but the work comes with a sizable reward.  Unlike other renewable energy sources, biogas is largely independent of external influences such as wind or sunlight.  As a stable form of renewable energy, the demand for biogas is continually on the rise.  Canadian programs like Ontario's Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) are continually developed to encourage the use and production of renewable energy sources in each province.  The use of renewable raw materials to produce energy sources provides a unique opportunity for farms across Canada; however, can you tell…Read more

Replacing a Chart Recorder

A chart recorder is an instrument that creates a paper chart record of the pressure in a system.  It relies on ink pens mounted on mechanical arms, which pivot in response to pressure.  Its primary advantage is an ability to record for extended periods in remote locations. An experienced user may provide preliminary analysis on the chart output in the field, but communicating or storing the data electronically becomes possible only after a technician enters or scans the chart into a computer.  This process can take days before results become available. Chart recorders…Read more