Wind Turbine Testing with the HPC40

One of the fastest growing worldwide energy industries is wind power.  In the United States alone, the wind industry has an average annual growth over 25% over the last 10 years.  Wind farms consisting of multiple wind turbines, are becoming an important source of renewable energy, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Wind turbines take kinetic energy created from rotating blades, and converts the energy to electrical power.  They are built in areas of steady winds, and many times are monitored and controlled by hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems play a crucial role in…Read more

Ralston Instruments Gas Sampling Pump for Low Pressure Applications

The composition of natural gas changes over time due to changes in the natural gas reservoir, because of this there is a need to sample the gas to determine its composition.  Sampling of natural gas to determine the composition is important for custody transfer and fiscal metering so that both buyers and sellers are confident of a fair transaction.  Contracts are typically concerned with the BTU or energy content of the gas and the hydrocarbon dew point of the gas.  There are many robust automatic gas sampling systems such as on-line GCs (Gas…Read more