Ametek Dry-Block Calibrator – Arla Foods Case Study

Ametek offers application solutions for a wide range of industries world-wide.  The need to calibrate is integral to the processes of many industries.  Not only can regular calibrations reduce costs and improve profits by eliminating inefficiencies but they also increase product yields and ensure quality assurance along with optimizing worker hours. Arla Foods in Hobro, Denmark is a dairy processing facility.  They were working with traditional calibration baths and a setup with an Ametek DTI 1000 / STS reference thermometer, to calibrate about 200 sanitary sensors in the dairy.  An average of 50…Read more

A Discussion on Single-Function Calibrators

There has always been a dilemma amongst Instrumentation Tech's who are starting out on their own as contractors:  what calibration equipment can I buy on a limited budget?  The decision ultimately comes down to a choice of a multifunction calibrator, or a couple of single-function models that will replicate the parameters of a multifunction calibrator.  Let's spend some time to investigate the features and benefits of using single-function calibrators.  What is the best tool for the job? A single-function calibrator is most often used when the workload of the technician is predictable -…Read more