Go Remote with Jofra Cloud!

Ametek has developed a new way to perform remote readings and setting of their temperature calibrators over an unlimited distance.  JofraCloud is a gateway that has transmission coverage equal to a smartphone. he data is presented as a copy of the calibrators display, and can be viewed at jofracloud.com.  The website is accessible via a browser on any device - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The gateway can be attached to any RTC or PTC calibrator and reads data from the calibrator every 2 seconds. JofraCloud Features: Define set points, and start/stop the…Read more

Case Study – Accurate Verification of Short Temperature Sensors

A manufacturer of animal health products, needed to verify their sensors in ultra-low temperature freezers.  The customer had problems verifying short sensors from 6 to 8 cm in length, in the 0°C to 90°C range.  They could not get the sensors to match the temperature that was indicated on the temperature calibrator they were using.  This was because the short length of the sensors did not allow it to be placed in the ideal location of the temperature calibrator. The RTC156 from Jofra was demonstrated and the function of the unique dual-zone heating…Read more