Test Gas Regulators with the XP2i Gauge

One of the essential components of the natural gas system is the pressure regulator. A pressure regulator takes an input fluid or gas and reduces it to the desired value for the output. When used in the natural gas system, the regulator will reduce the gas pressure for a variety of reasons. At gate stations, gas regulators reduce the line pressure from transmission levels (200 to 3000psi) to distribution levels (0.25 to 900 psi). Once the gas reaches a home or business, it will go through another regulator to reduce the pressure in…Read more

Feed Flow Line Troubleshooting

A power plant was experiencing a feed water flow problem. The issue was on a line with static pressure exceeding 1000 psi which fed water to one of their steam generators. The plant's engineers suspected that it may be an issue with a filter, flow nozzle, or even with the line itself, but couldn't know for certain until they could isolate and capture one of the transient events. Logging differential pressure - so that they could record readings on both sides of the suspected problem areas - would be the best way to…Read more