Test Gauge Accuracy Explained!

XP2i Digital Test Gauge The true accuracy of a pressure gauge under operating conditions can be difficult to determine, in part because manufacturers’ specifications are often very confusing.  One of the major differences between brand names is whether they offer “% of reading” vs. % of full scale (F.S.)” accuracy.  Specifications with % of F.S. are a legacy from mechanical gauges, whose resolution was how closely manufacturers could print the graduations on their dials. Today, digital pressure gauges that can display readings with sufficient resolution across their entire range use % of reading…Read more

You Could Benefit from Pressure Calibration Automation Software More than you Know – Here are the Four Key Ways to Decide if it’s Right for your Lab

Anyone performing pressure calibrations can benefit from automation. Whether you are using an automated pressure controller such as the 8270A or PPC4, or a fully manual deadweight tester, there is a lot you can gain, from time savings and increased process consistency, to adding value to your data and certification deliverables. In these times, when calibration technicians may be stretched thin, calibration lab managers should especially consider the value of automation to supplement the capabilities of their staff, while reducing errors and getting better data from tests. Want to know more about the…Read more