New Connection Wizard in the AMETEK ASC-400 Multifunction Process Calibrator

Process signals are crucial, from controlling valves, switches, or lights to measuring pressure in a pipe to calibrating temperature in a bakery oven. Ensuring that these process signals remain accurate is essential. Users have multiple choices on the calibration equipment they use. One of the most important factors to consider is ease-of-use. Since multiple process signals may be used, including; volts, millivolts, amps or milliamps, and each of these may have large range differences, most users turn to a multi-function calibrator to satisfy all situations. However, as the options increase, the instruments complexity…Read more

Aircraft Pressure Transducer Calibration: How to increase accuracy and significantly cut labour time with automation

In aerospace applications, pressure transducers and switches play critical roles in monitoring many systems through out the aircraft - from hydraulics and electromechanical systems to avionics. Breaking, propulsion, wing flap control, cabin pressure and countless other functions rely on pressure transducers and switches to ensure that the process is happening correctly. Accuracy is critical. Because these devices are constantly subjected to extreme vibration, frequent ambient temperature changes, and shock, regular calibration is essential to ensure accurate performance. Traditionally, many FAA-approved repair centers perform aircraft calibration with a hydraulic test media, manual screw press…Read more